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Why Every Business Needs Great Web Content

by Paul J. Scott

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There are a lot of different ideas and philosophies out there when it comes to Internet marketing. And some of them are more appropriate than others for certain industries or situations. One thing virtually any entrepreneur, web designer, or experienced marketing professional can tell you, however, is that you can’t win customers over the Internet unless you have great web content.

Why is web content so important to your marketing goals? Here are just a few of the biggest reasons…

Search Engine Optimization Campaigns Are Dependent on Web Content

Unless you have fresh, unique text and articles on your website, buyers simply won’t be able to find you through Google. On the other hand, if you have dozens or hundreds of pages filled with searchable content and insightful ideas or suggestions, you have a huge advantage over all of your competitors who don’t.

To search engines, every online article or blog post is a fresh page that can be scanned. The more of those you have, the easier it becomes for search spiders to understand what your website is about, and for customers to find you.

Social Media Requires Content, Too

Like search engine optimization, social media is becoming more and more dependent on content, although “winning” on Facebook and Twitter is more about being clever than it is using the right search terms. In other words, when you have things that are funny or interesting posted on your profiles, people pay attention. They may even like or share your posts, which helps spread them to a new audience.

None of that can happen, though, unless you have lots of great content to post to your social profiles in the first place. And ideally, it should also be in line with what customers will see on your website and blog.

Content Sets You Apart and Generates Conversions

Ultimately, the goal of your website is probably to generate leads, sales, or other positive results. But you can’t do that based solely on a layout, or even a few high-quality images. Your content has to inform and persuade.

That’s an important job because your online competitors are just a mouse click away. Buyers need to see what makes your company different in a matter of seconds. The writing on your website should tell them what you do, who it’s for, and why they should work with you instead of someone else.

At the same time, your web content should persuade them to take action. With the right words, you can convince a customer to contact you or make a purchase. That’s nearly impossible to do through images.

A lot of new marketers don’t give web content the respect it deserves because they don’t understand just how important it is to their success. Remember what makes it so valuable to your company so you don’t make the same mistake.

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