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What Is an SEO Audit All About?

by Paul J. Scott

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Although most business owners don’t realize it, the first step to increasing your visibility on Google has nothing to do with getting new links, changing page titles, or adding new blog posts to a website. Instead, it’s all about getting the right information so you can be sure the steps you take later are going to bring you closer to your goal.

That’s where an often underrated and misunderstood tool comes into play: the search engine optimization audit.

We often find that new clients are unfamiliar with this term, which is completely understandable. An SEO audit is really just a chance to look at your website differently, as it involves looking deep into your content and analytics so you can get a better understanding of what Google sees when it looks at your pages. That can lead to some insights you couldn’t get any other way.

To show you why the information you get is so valuable, here are a few things we do during a comprehensive search engine optimization audit…

Look at Your Website Differently

When you visit your website, you probably focus your attention on the layout and content in front of you. That’s good, because it’s what a customer would do as well. Google looks at your site differently though, focusing on page titles, heading tags, internal links, and other technical factors. By examining these with the right eye, we can determine what you have on your site that makes it more visible to search engines, and which pieces are holding you back.

Fix Any Big Problems

Most business people know it’s important to add content to their websites if they want to rank highly on Google, but they aren’t aware that what they take away is just as important. Issues like broken links, bad web hosting, and duplicated content can all cause you big problems when Google indexes your pages. In fact, until you get rid of these issues, you are unlikely to get much in the way of search traffic at all.

Revisit Search Phrases

A surprising number of business owners never take the time to revisit the search phrases they are optimizing their websites for. Even worse, some have never had a professional help them with keyword research at all, meaning they are just assuming their customers are using a certain set of phrases to find companies like theirs. For these reasons, a good search audit has to involve up-to-date keyword research to ensure clients are focusing their attention on the right terms to attract customers.

Optimize for Conversions

It’s easy to forget that search engine optimization isn’t just about bringing people to your website. Ultimately, you need those visitors to become leads or customers before they have any value to you. By studying your web analytics, we can make sure you aren’t just attracting the right people through your search engine optimization campaigns, but that you’re doing the right things to turn them into buyers once they arrive on your pages.

A search engine optimization audit is the first step toward bringing more visitors to your website through Google’s organic listings. Why not let us get started with yours today and see what we can do to make your business more profitable?

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