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What Comes Before Online Marketing?

by Paul J. Scott

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Often, when a business owner or executive comes into our office to meet with our creative team, it’s because they’ve been thinking about upgrading their website and Internet marketing plan for quite a while. By the time they actually meet with us, they are excited and ready to get moving.

That’s understandable, but we sometimes have to slow them down a bit. That’s because, if we want to make them more successful and profitable than they already are, there are a few things that have to come before we actually put their new campaigns, budgets, and ideas into action.

To show you why that is, and why you don’t want to skip any of these steps, here are a few important things you and your creative team should consider before jumping headfirst into your online marketing to-do list…

A Website Review

Before you make any changes to your existing website, or put any new Internet marketing campaigns in place, it’s important to take a look at what you already have. That way, you can ensure your efforts aren’t being duplicated. And more importantly, you can build any new landing pages or content you’ll need to convert future visitors into leads or customers.

An SEO Audit

Lots of clients get excited about search engine optimization, but don’t really know whether they are already getting search traffic, or whether the search traffic they’re getting is leading to new sales. These are the kinds of questions that can be addressed in a search engine optimization audit, which can lead to a smarter, more efficient approach to Google.

Market Research

Sometimes, if you haven’t been getting the kinds of results you are hoping for, it’s because you either don’t understand what your customers want or haven’t identified a factor that separates you from your competitors. A little bit of market research, even going beyond what you would get from a search engine optimization audit, can go a long way toward helping you carve out a niche for your company.

A Business Plan

To understand how your Internet marketing campaigns are going to fit in with your other business activities, you have to have a comprehensive plan that shows where your company is headed. Your website shouldn’t exist outside of your organization, but exist as an important piece that reinforces all your other campaigns and activities.

It can be fun and exciting to skip ahead to your online marketing campaigns without doing any kind of planning, review, or audits, but that’s a good way to make preventable mistakes. To make the most of your time and budget, work with a team that is committed to getting the insights they need early on to prevent wasting any of your resources later.

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