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The 3 Types of Reviews That Boost E-Commerce Sales

by Paul J. Scott

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It’s no secret that e-commerce websites and online stores rely on reviews to gain traffic, attention, and conversions. But not all reviews are the same, and different types of reviews will attract different types of customers.

Today, we want to share with you the three types of reviews you definitely need to have on your online store, and why they are so important to your profitability…

#1 Industry/Expert Reviews

With an expert review, customers get the advantage of a perspective they may not have on their own. For certain types of products, buyers might not even know what to look for, how to evaluate one brand or model against another, or the best ways to get value for what they are spending. Having an expert shed some light on these details can be a big positive.

Any expert review adds something valuable to your online store. However, if you can get exclusive reviews that are only available on your site and to your customers, that gives you an added leg up on your competitors.

#2 In-house Reviews/Product Buying Guides

In-house reviews are like expert reviews, except that they may focus specifically on the types of customers your online store draws. For example, while there are a lot of expert reviews on bikes, your website could focus on riding bikes for students, and have specialized reviews and articles written from that point of view.

Buying guides work the same way, except they have the added benefit of being useful to customers who might not be purchasing products for their own use. So if people visit your online store looking to buy gifts for others, getting them started with the right reviews and pointers could go a long way toward earning a sale.

#3 Verified Customer Reviews

Even though people trust the experts in a lot of areas, there is no substitute for reviews from verified customers. That’s because these should be honest and unfiltered, which is a tough standard for even the best expert reviews or buying guides to meet.

When visitors to your website can see what other people like themselves thought of various products, it gets easier for them to make good choices, and to feel like they are making good choices. That leads to a higher percentage of conversions and better customer satisfaction later. In fact, you could say that good customer reviews tend to lead to more good customer reviews.

If you haven’t been making reviews a centerpiece to your e-commerce strategy, then you’ve probably been missing out on sales you could be winning. Luckily, our team of experienced creative professionals and Internet marketing strategists are here to help. Call or email us today to schedule a free consultation and see how we can help your online store grow.

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