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Could You Launch a Profitable Subscription Website?

by Paul J. Scott

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When brainstorming ways to profit from a website, entrepreneurs often overlook the subscription model of revenue. This may be because they have seen many more websites that made money through ads or direct product sales, or because they don’t think they have information that is unique enough to sell.

It’s certainly true that building up a base of subscribers takes a bit longer, and isn’t as straightforward as putting ads on a website. However, subscriptions can be a more reliable source of income, and many web visitors will gladly pay for interesting insights, especially if it means they can get them without having to be subjected to advertising for other products and services.

So, could you launch a profitable subscription website? To help you get to the answer, here are a few things we think you should remember:

A Subscription Website Needs a Devoted Market

Before you can sell subscriptions to your content, you have to find a market that values it highly enough. In other words, you need to have the kind of information that people can’t get elsewhere (or can’t easily find elsewhere) and that matters a lot to them. That’s why subscription websites are often based around industries, professions, or money-making opportunities. You can certainly profit from subscriptions to a website that focuses on hobbies or pastimes, but only if you have the right kinds of customers.

Selling Web Subscriptions Takes Unique Content

People won’t pay to read or see the same ideas they can find elsewhere for free. You have to give them something unique and insightful. That doesn’t mean you have to reinvent the wheel, or invent a whole new field of study. It simply means that your content has to have a different focus or perspective than anything else that’s available on the market. One way to accomplish that is by bringing a certain amount of expertise to the table.

Credentials Are Important in the Subscription Market

On most subscription websites, author and contributor credentials are the main selling point. Customers might be interested in what you have to say because of your education, your professional background, or the fact that you have relationships and connections that others don’t. Whatever it is that qualifies you to be an authority on your subject, put those qualifications front and center.

The First 100 Subscribers Are the Toughest

The hardest part about building up a subscription-based web business is getting your first batch of buyers. Before you have them, you’ll have to spend some time generating content that isn’t being read or used, but no one is going to sign up for your site if it looks empty. If you’ve done the right kind of research though, you’ll know that your market is out there and how to reach them. Then it’s just a matter of promoting your business until your audience takes notice.

If you have a topic where your expertise, passion, and access to new or breakthrough insights can all shine, then you might have all you need to sell subscriptions to your content. Why not speak with a member of our team today to see if we can help you put together an online business that will bring you profits for years to come?

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