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5 Things Every Business Website Needs

by Paul J. Scott

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One of the things you learn designing custom websites for businesses, schools, and nonprofits is that every organization and situation is different. What works in one setting may not work in another, and the good advice you give to one client could be inappropriate for someone else.

But as important as it is to see each situation as being unique, there are some ideas that are universal. In fact, we go as far as to say there are a handful of things every business website needs to be successful…

#1 Standout Design

There are a lot of elements that go into good web design. Things like fonts, images, and colors all matter, as do white space and customization. The way your design team uses these is going to depend a lot on your company and marketing personality. No matter what though, the approach should fit your business and customers in a way that makes you stand out on the web.

#2 Easy Navigation

Usability is an incredibly important concept in web design, and one that gets overlooked way more often than it should. If potential buyers who visit your website can’t find the information they’re looking for, quickly and without much of a hassle, they are going to become frustrated and leave. When that happens, you’ve lost the chance to make a conversion, and you might not get it back.

#3 A Clear Focus

Clarity is extraordinarily important in web design, because each site should be built for a certain kind of company and target audience. If there isn’t a clear match between the way the website is built and the customers it’s meant to appeal to, then it’s just a generic mix of text and images.

#4 Targeted and Unique Content

Having unique and focused content is important for search engine optimization, but it’s also the driving factor behind conversions. The copywriting on your website has to be informative and persuasive before you are ever going to convince visitors to take the next step and contact your business or complete a purchase.

#5 A Conversion or Monetization Model

How will your business website make money? What can you do to turn visitors into leads or buyers? These questions are at the core of your conversion or monetization model, and are central to your web design and development project. After all, if you aren’t going to profit from your new web presence, then what’s the point of building it in the first place?

It’s nearly impossible to create a website that will help your business grow without each of these five elements in place. And, for every one that you’re missing, it’s going to be harder and harder to win customers away from your competitors.

So, if you feel like your business website is coming up short in any of these five areas, take a moment to speak with a member of our creative team today. What we can show you could permanently change the way you think about Internet marketing.

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