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4 E-Commerce Basics Many Entrepreneurs Overlook

by Paul J. Scott

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A lot of first-time e-commerce entrepreneurs, people who are starting brand-new online stores who have great ideas but not a lot of experience, tend to think that it takes little more than a good concept. As long as they can find the right match between a product and a market, they assume they’ll be successful in turning a profit month after month.

Having the right concept is essential, of course, but it’s not enough to ensure that your online store will make it. To understand why, and to keep you from making common blunders, here are four e-commerce basics many inexperienced entrepreneurs tend to overlook:

#1 The Website Is the Business

If you were to judge by TV commercials and other forms of advertising, you’d think that good web design costs next to nothing. That’s true, if you want your website to be a generic template with a few pictures added. But, to build a profitable e-commerce platform, you don’t want to skip out on premium web design and development. With an online store, your website is the business. Invest wisely.

#2 You Have to Be Different

Other than your concept, what makes your online store different than all the others? And more specifically, what separates it from the giants like That’s a question you have to be able to answer if you want people to buy from you instead of an online (or offline) retailer they already know and trust. Make your business stand out with unique marketing, services, or pricing. Better yet, combine several different advantages to give customers an experience that can’t be matched elsewhere.

#3 Marketing a New Online Store Takes Work

Another facet of online competition is that it can be very difficult to bring visitors, reviewers, and actual customers to your online store when it’s brand new. Putting search engine optimization, Internet advertising, social media, and email marketing together in a profitable way takes a lot of time, planning, and creativity. You’ll find it much, much easier if you have an experienced web design team with a proven track record on your side.

#4 Reviews and Reputation Matter

A lot of buyers won’t know whether to trust a brand-new online store. What they will trust are the reviews left by industry experts and verified customers. Make sure you’re providing the best service and value you can at every turn, because the things people say about your business online will go a long way toward determining whether other customers will give you a chance, especially when your website is new.

Having the right idea for your e-commerce website is a good first step, but it doesn’t guarantee you’re going to be able to make it in a crowded and competitive marketplace. Keep these four basics in mind, and find the right creative team to help you turn your vision into a reality. Do that, and you just might be able to take a great concept and turn it into a successful web-based business and a whole new way of life.

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